Golf Franchise Opportunities

Low cost golf franchise opportunities are limited in today's marketplace. Most golf businesses or sports businesses require a large initial investment. Our golf franchise opportunity requires a low initial investment and very low overhead.

Do you have an interest in sales and marketing? Would you like to be more active and involved in your local community? Do you have a desire to own a home-based business that allows for more flexibilty, family time, and fun activities (like golf)?

If so, you may have discovered the right sports franchise at the right time - for you!

For some Americans, owning a golf business would be a dream come true. Finding an opportunity that not only fulfills that dream, but also allows you to be a part of a sport you are passionate about is, as they say, just about as good as it gets.

The MyLoopCard golf marketing franchise program offers a full array of services from helping you through the initial start-up phase to helping you complete your first golf scorecard to assisting you in building a substantial business of annual repeat customers.

  • BRAND NAME - MyLoopCard is the only golf marketing company that allows you to share and promote its trademarked brand name, thereby, helping you build a recognizable, national brand name for your business.
  • TURN-KEY SYSTEMS - the founder of MyLoopCard, Chad Hanysh, spent over three years of trial and error in developing and fine-tuning the entire business system that saves you time, money, and headaches in eliminating the same mistakes he made during his business development days.
  • FOUNDER-ASSISTED - reap the benefits of working directly with Chad in starting, developing, and growing your business. Chad knows this business like no one else and he will share his knowledge and expertise to help you shorten your learning curve as you enter this new arena and industry.
  • ON-3 TRAINING - our training program is unmatched in golf marketing. It is comprised of 3 levels - on-line training in the initial stage, on-site training during the marketing phase, and on-going training during the development and growth stages of your business.
  • SALES & MARKETING SUPPORT - we instruct, guide, and show our franchise owners how to sell MLC advertising and provide a comprehensive sales manual to follow that includes all the templates and contracts franchisee's will need.
  • MEDIA KITS / PRICING STRATEGIES - we have designed and developed over the years a detailed media and pricing guide to present to potential advertisers and we consult with our franchise owners on pricing strategies.
  • OWNER SUPPORT PROGRAMS - we have created a user-friendly, pass-word protected intranet site for owners to access key documents and critical business information, in addition to an 800# help line for franchisee support.
  • - this is our exclusive sister website that makes our scorecard a one-of-a-kind in the golf world. It tracks everything a golfer wants to improve upon, and offers tips and advice to golfers of all abilities all across the globe.
  • EXCLUSIVE TERRITORIES - each franchise owner will be awarded an exclusive territory with a certain number of golf courses to market and develop.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - today we offer the MyLoopCard golf scorecard and in the future we plan on offering more. The goal of MyLoopCard is to be a golf marketing company that offers a menu and selection of golf marketing products, programs, and ideas to golf courses throughout the United States.
  • WHAT?S YOUR NEXT STEP TO OWN A GOLF MARKETING FRANCHISE? - for more information on owning a MyLoopCard golf marketing franchise, please fill out the golf franchise inquiry form. You will receive our franchise packet that includes our 15-page franchise brochure and outlines our 8-step franchise discovery process for you to be fully educated on our business model before you make a decision of owning a MyLoopCard golf marketing franchise.

As the owner and creator of MyLoopCard I am astounded how fast and far we have come in such a short time. Our team is so excited to develop our products and help our franchisees succeed. It has been a great ride.

Chad Hanysh
Loop Ventures LLC

I have been a franchisee for MyLoopCard since September 2008. I couldn't be more pleased in working with the MyLoopCard team. For the first time in 10 years, I am actually excited to go to work. And for the first time ever, I truly believe I have found a career. None of this would be possible without the support, insight, and professionalism of the MyLoopCard team.

Aaron Miller,
Franchisee - San Diego, CA
West Coast Loop, LLC

Representing MyLoopCard since August 2008 I am excited about the enthusiasim the resort courses here in Hawaii have shown and the value I am able to offer them.

After the recent roll out of MyLoopCard at a Maui course the staff has already received positive feedback from their clientele showing genuine interest and support. They actually implemented MyLoopCard for the first time during a tournament which was sponsored by two of my advertisers.

I see this opportunity growing rapidly given the economic situation as more resorts are thinking of ways to partner with local businesses to increase their revenue.

Following one of the best business models in the industry, I look forward to more success this year in obtaining new courses.

Elizabeth Walker
Franchisee - Maui, HI
Golfers in the Loop, LLC

I sold my interest in a national printing company two years ago, sat around for a year and began looking for something that would be of interest. My research led me to MyLoopCard. Having spent the last twenty five years in the printing business I was impressed by the quality of the books and the high level of sophistication in the layout and design.

Dealing with the MyLoopCard team has been most pleasant and businesslike. I am enjoying my second career very much, had I found it sooner my golf game might be better.

Casey Scott
Franchisee - Gainesville, FL
Great Scott Golf Marketing, LLC